Las Vegas 360 Tour Photo Services for Business Real Estate

Local Las Vegas 360 Tour Provider – Michael Madsen – a Real Estate Photographer at Virtual Tours Las Vegas. Not an out of state Outsource Company. I know all 360 degrees of Southern Nevada. Offerings  include Real Estate Photography, 360 Virtual Tours for your website, Google Street View 360 Virtual Tours, Google Business Photos and Matterport 360 Virtual Tours to help show off your Business Venue.

Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Sales Agents and Property Managers. Reduce your admin time with a consistent photographer, premade web templates for daylight and after hours shooting times.

Promote Your Brand

 Invite potential customers to preview your commercial space. Allow them to virtual visit your workplace. Use conistant & stunningly beautiful 360 photographs on your website virtual tour and Google Business Listing.

Homes for Sale

Show off properties with real estate photos that show the true style of a home. Allow Home Buyers to walk around a furniture or spin around in rooms with Virtual Reality Googles, desktop  or other portable devices.

Las Vegas 360 Tour Photography Options

When ordering a Las Vegas 360 Tour, many owners and agents do not know which virtual tour to order. Some 360 tours take a long time to setup and shoot. Some tours may need AutoCad data extracted for a remodel or Floor Plan. Other tours may simply need to show just enough info to get the client in the door such as spinning around the middle of a couple rooms. And other times, you may just want photos taken of your property without showing the property off in 360.

360 House Tours

360 house tours are shot for agents and homeowners who wish not to have a slideshow virtual tour of photos taken from their photo gallery as their Primary Virtual Tour links. Slideshows tend to push away potential opportunities, rather than keep buyers engaged and focused on your property. Zillow 3D / 360 Tours are primarily used for Residential Listings.  I have shot over 1,000 Zillow 3D Home Tours in Las Vegas. These tours tend to be a single 360 shot in the middle of each room in the house as well as outside. Agents are given branded and unbranded links to share on the MLS.

Matterport 360 Virtual Tours

Matterport 360 Virtual Tours offer a Google Street View look of a Home or Business from the inside of a home or property. Matterport tours offer a Las Vegas 360 Tour that allows users to tour a property by spinning around in 360 at multiple spots from the inside with an added bonus of a 3D model of the entire property plus a floor plan view. Floor Plan and 3d Dollhouse views can show individual levels or the property as a whole. Matterport 360 tours can post to Google Street View for Business as well as and for Residential 3D Tour options as a Highlight.

Construction 360 Tours

Construction 360 Tours can be used for a variety of things in the construction industry. 360 Tours can create an As-built survey which is designed to show any and all improvements to the land at a given point in time. Matterport virtual Tours have integration with Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Revit. Insurance carriers can collect data on a condition of property in an insurance claim. Other construction projects may need updates on progress for payment distributions. Interior designers or contractors may need to share some design ideas prior to demolition.

Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

Las Vegas 360 Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours are primarily used for Commercial Business Listings for Sale, Lease or Rent. These 360 tours are shot for agents who wish not to have a slideshow virtual tour of photos taken from their photo gallery as their primary Virtual Tour Links. Tours could consist of a couple 360 Virtual Tour shot from the middle of certain Office Space, Work Areas, Retail Space or Lounge Areas and Break Rooms. Matterport Virtual Tours can be shot to allow potential clients full access to a building to move at their pleasure to explore the space prior to scheduling an appointment.

Photography for Commercial Business

Photography for Commercial Business doesn’t always need to offer 360 Tours. Some Commercial Businesses may need photos taken for Real Estate Listing Services and Landscape photography. Landscape Photography can be take from blank spaces such as Convention Spaces, Empty Retail Shops, Empty Nightclubs or Restaurants and Art Galleries.

Photos needed for website updates, social media and print advertising require a meeting to discuss scheduling for time and heavy rigging depending on your expected outcome.  

360 Virtual Business Tours

Las Vegas 360 Virtual Business Tours are primarily used for Commercial Business Websites. These 360 Tours are usually shot for business owners or marketing representatives who wish to have their business shown off with 360 views from multiple locations throughout the business.

Google Street View 360 Tours for Business are primarily used in conjunction with Commercial Business Tours. We can take 360 images from your tour and use some or all of those photos to be placed on Google Street View. This service can be provided on our end

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Questions For Commercial and Residential

Services include Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing. Marketing and Advertising photo usage depends on Copyright Licensure. 

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Virtual Tour Examples

Look over some different types of Virtual Tours that are possible.

Professional 360 Virtual Tour

Top Notch HDR 360 Panoramic Images – Stitched HDR Panoramas

Matterport 360 Virtual Tour

Matterport Premier 360 Virtual Tours with 3D Dollhouse

Express 360 Virtual Tours

Express 360 for Google Business Listings – Fast Photo Shoots

Looking for Photos?

Look over some Photos I have shot over the years.

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